For the Southern dads who love us unconditionally, show us the ropes of life, and teach us how to master the perfect burgerHappy Father's Day! In honor of our favorite men, we've pulled some of the best Southern dads在线看不卡日本AV from television. From classics like Andy Griffith and Jock Ewing to newcomers like Rick Grimes, these dads are iconic to our celebration of Southern culture.

Coach Eric Taylor

Friday Night Lights 
This family man somehow found time to lead his football team to a state championship.
Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith Show
This Carolina sheriff taught his son Opie everything from fishing to generosity.
Brick Breeland

Hart Of Dixie
This small-town doctor wanted only the best for his girls Lemon and Magnolia.
John Walton, Sr.

The Waltons
This all-American family man and WWI vet would do anything to protect his 7 kids.
Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead

This former police officer fiercely protects his friends and his son, Carl.
Jed Clampett

Beverly Hillbillies
"Welllllll, doggies!" This Southern transplant brought common sense to his eclectic family.
Deacon Claybourne

It’s hard not to love a charming, humble, and committed dad who doubles as a country star.
Hank Hill

King Of The Hill
This no-nonsense Texan sticks to traditional values when dealing with his son’s crazy mishaps.
Ben Matlock

This beloved attorney taught his girls everything he knew – both in and out of the courtroom.
Jock Ewing

This tough-love oil baron was a controversial father, but made sure to provide for his family.
Honorary Southerner:
Danny Tanner

Full House
在线看不卡日本AVIs there anything more Southern than opening your heart and home to family?

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